“I want to express my deep gratitude for your thoughtful gestures and the opportunities you have extended to me. I am truly appreciative and at a loss for words. Thank you.”

Akiyah Kelley

“I am eternally grateful for the kindness and generosity of The Perry Foundation. Liberally sowing into my life, the foundation has aided my matriculation and provided a means of safety for my livelihood.”

Mark Anthony

“Thank you so much for the cashapp! I’m not sure if you’ve heard from my sister yet, but I will be sure to remind her. Thank you again.”

Carleese Black

“Thank you so much Perry Foundation for this scholarship. I’m currently a junior at California Baptist University and I’m double majoring in Psychology and Christian Studies. This scholarship will help me purchase books and pay tuition for this semester. ”

“I wanted to say thank you I was just praying last night asking God if he provide for my schools summer ministry trip.”

Over the last fifteen years, PCEF has helped students by: paying for books, supplies, and program fees, purchasing airline tickets, buying clothing and uniforms, mailing care packages, etc. In addition, PCEF has contributed in the following ways:

  • Sponsored several young men and women in the Annual Christian Cotillion (several years)
  • Supported Terrance Stone and The Young Visionaries Program for Troubled Youth
  • Sponsored adults and youth on several mission trips to Mexico, Brazil, and Africa
  • Gave cash donations to Pastors and churches devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
  • Funded two groups of ten volunteers, per group – total of twenty persons (all expenses paid – food, airline tickets, and housing) to provide aid to Hurricane Katrina victims, in August 2005; offered the services of counselors, nurses, computer technician, and additional support staff to provide relief to those who had been working in the shelters
  • Provided approximately $10,000.00 worth of clothing to the victims of Hurricane Katrina
  • Sent tractor trailers loaded with food, equipment, and supplies to the victims of Hurricane Rita
  • Aided several persons who were homeless and/or had addictions enter into Christian Recovery Programs – purchased all supplies, clothing and items needed for program admission, provided transportation to the program, and phone cards (during the one year residential program)
  • Donated funds for Prison Ministry, Annual Thanksgiving Dinners and Annual Christmas Toy/Shoe Giveaway