The Perry Charitable and Educational Foundation (PCEF) , founded in 2002, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to assist minority and low-income students in experiencing a better way of life through mentoring and encouraging them to continue their education. This can best be achieved by urging them to commit to post-secondary education, either through two year or four year institutions as well as technical and vocational school programs. PCEF was initially started to provide grants, resources, and additional avenues for youth to receive tools that would enable them to help themselves to accomplish their educational goals.

The Goals of The Foundation are to inspire and educate minority and low-income students to leave their neighborhoods and acquire a post-secondary or college education. Upon completing their college education, these successful students are then encouraged to return and volunteer within the community to assist other students in reaching their educational goals. PCEF also encourages minority and low-income youth to be well-rounded, have educated minds, entrepreneurial spirits, a deep appreciation for excellence and a greater passion for community service. The targeted area has been the Inland Empire area of Southern California.

Our Mission is to inspire and promote excellence in minority and low-income youth. The mission is accomplished by nurturing, counseling, training, educating, and exposing the youth, to experiences outside of their immediate community. The mission is also achieved by assisting students with financial challenges.

Our Vision is to see minority and low-income students provided with quality and educational opportunities that are vital and innovative responses to the needs of the minority student. In all of our work, The Foundation reflects a spirit of collaboration that is flexible, creative, respectful of an individual’s unique characteristics, and builds character. The Foundation sees the “power of potential” in each young person. We hope to help provide the world with young men and women distinguishable by their characteristics – confident, accomplished, productive, and innovative leaders who are socially and economically responsible; young men and women prepared to compete in the global marketplace.