Entrepreneurial Mentorship

PCEF directs individuals and start up firms and helps them develop business concepts and obtain funding. The organization also helps individuals find technical, assistance, mentoring and other resources. The organization also helps individuals launch careers and possible businesses in coding, financial markets trading, real estate and other areas of engagement.

Nonprofit Development

PCEF provides nonprofit organizations resources and technical assistance to reach their goals and communities served. With seminars, intensive consultation and other training events, PCEF helps these organizations reach their next level of success and attainment. The organization also creates and promotes fora for public policy discussion on a wide range of topics including poverty, education, crime, health care and economic security. PCEF also supports orphanages, clinics and schools in many countries with acute need.

Prison Project

PCEF has engaged in prison outreach programs to meet with incarcerated men and women in the Southern California area. In addition to prison visits by its principals, the foundation also provides support and resources to the families of the incarcerated. The Foundation has advocated for prison reform, supported programs that promote the re-integration of recently released persons into mainstream society and helped many men and women regain their lives with dignity and hope.

Student Support & Assistance

An avid supporter of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), PCEF provides college-bound and undergraduate students help to enroll, continue and complete college or a program of study. Of particular concern are minority and students from low-income families that face inordinate challenges in obtaining quality education. Frequently students need some funds to get a meal, an introduction to someone or a church community where they are studying or help getting books for class. In other instances, the student needs a word of encouragement, mentoring or prayer, PCEF stands with students as they undertake their studies at HBCUs and other institutions of higher learning, which includes vocational and trade schools.

Emergency Assistance

Families affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and wildfires frequently have urgent needs that cannot wait. Invariably, populations that are most severely affected by these incidents are the poor. The Foundation has been instrumental in being among the initial responders to provide support, critical resources and help to families in distress. Through fundraising and donation drives, PCEF has helped obtain food, medicines, clothing and other resources for delivery to the affected areas. The foundation has also organized and deployed teams of volunteers with specific skills necessary to meet the needs of the affected populations.